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Avoiding Aluminum

 Some tips and Queries received from readers:-

Warning on Food Coloring - Many food colors are being enhanced by the use of aluminum. Cochineal is almost always color enhanced these days. For those trying to avoid aluminium it is extremely difficult to know what is and what is not contaminated. The color source is very small in quantity but is likely to have high bioavailability. Candies that are vividly colored should be a definite NO!! Tim Gore

Aluminum. Understand that fluoride will allow aluminum to pass through the blood brain barrier. Read up on the dangers of fluoride, the fact that it actually causes tooth enamel to become brittle causing fissures in tooth enamel that leads to cavities. No wonder dentists promote it. Beyond that it is the base of most antidepressants. It is a rat poison, and the source these days for industry fluoride is the scrapings of fertilizer incinerator stacks. Avoid it. I found a toothpaste Spearmint flavor of Toms' of Maine brand. Check the label. Most of the Tom's does contain fluoride. Avoiding fluoride will help keep aluminum out of the brain. I use a salt crystal for deodorant, to avoid aluminum. Also vaccines contain mercury as well as aluminum. -- Harold,  

Maltol and Aluminum. Thanks for your article on Aluminum, very helpful. It is not only fluoride which will carry aluminium into the brain.  Citric acid can increase the amount deposited by over 100 times, so too can the additive Maltol, a sweetener present in drinking chocolate and some beers.  Experiments carried out on rabbits show that it can increase the aluminum absorbed in the brain by over 90 times. -- Richard Dabrowski

Aluminium and Alzheimers From Russell Hall and class We are very interested in finding out the link between aluminium and Alzheimer’s and the effects of aluminium on the human body and would be very happy if you could shed some light on this subject for us Thank you -- Chanel College  Chemistry New Zealand

Aluminum as a color brightener is widely used food colors, the aluminium is thought to be in an insoluble form, however the food manufacturers do not advertise the fact that a neurotoxic metal is present in sweets such as M&Ns. Very young children lack some of the protection mechanisms that are present in older children and adults. - Victor Purtill

In your health tips page you suggest that people avoid aluminum, how do I know what foods contains it?.  What I have read about it makes me worry that my children are building up the metal in their brains and that they will have problems in later life. essie2000

To Essie2000: It is unlikely that you will completely avoid aluminum in food. Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earths crust. The question you should be asking is how any aluminum can enter your brain and what you can do to avoid it. -- "J. B. Rivera" Aug 00

To Essie2000: Water: By using the right bottled water one can eliminate the oral route, what about the water absorbed during a bath? My chemist colleague suggests using a tea bag in your bathwater. -- Jakey Thornton

  Aluminum in Antiperspirants Harmful? I've seen much about aluminum being ingested and it's potential for harm.  What about deodorant/antiperspirants with aluminum?  -- Carolyn B King  

Aluminium poisoning in fruit juices I am a high school student in south Africa. I am doing an investigation as to whether fruit juices packaged in drinking boxes with aluminium lining are being contaminated with aluminium. Do you know anything about this subject? Could the juice be contaminated? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Angie, --  Angie Jacobs

Aluminium Poisoning Hi, I've heard from my colleague that sterilising baby products by boiling is not too good as the utensils most likely contain aluminium. Is it true? Thanks for your advice. Regards, Concerned mother Singapore. Tong

Aluminum allergy?  It is a long story how I discovered that I am allergic to aluminum, so I won't go into that.

I have had migraines for 28 years and since being chelated for heavy metal toxicity (lead, copper and aluminum) and avoiding aluminum I have had a 95% reduction in headaches. Aluminum is used as a coating for "buffered " pain relievers among MANY other things. If you are taking coated ibuprofen this may be the problem. Aluminum is also in baking powder, baking soda, (health food stores have alum free) , dark teas, cake mixes, frozen dough, non-dairy creamers, flouride toothpaste, anti-diarheal drugs, and very high in processed cheese of any kind.

Dear Hints and Tips,
I have just looked at your website. I have been suffering from terrible memory loss, concentration, and general mental functioning together with a general foggy feeling in my head and a headache (not severe). It has been very worrying as I am only 43 years old and have a business to run and 2 young children to attend to. I thought that one of the reasons for this could be alumunium poisoning brought on by my spanish coffee percolater. I make myself a coffee using this percolator every morning. It is the old
fashioned type - photo attached. When I wash it it does have a 'metal smell' to it. Is this possible? Have you heard of any similar cases? Any help or references would be helpful. Looking forward to your response. Kind regards, -- Mrs Maite Berndes

Aluminum and Milk Hi, I had a question about aluminum, we have a milk cow and am going to buy a cream separator. The stainless steel ones are about $200.00 more than the ones with an aluminum bowl. I've always tried to stay away from aluminum, but I was wondering if the aluminum would leach out in the milk in the 15 or so minutes it takes to spin it. I was also wondering if milk is one of the " more acidic " foods that make it worse to use aluminum. Any advice you have would be much appreciated. Thanks, Trina. 04/08/10

Hair Loss - Aluminum
 My son started having clumps of hair fall out and one of the problems he had was too much aluminum in the body. Aluminum bonds with Zinc in the body. The human body needs zinc for brain functions and also the nervous system. After being treated with herbs and special trace mineral and all-around vitamins his condition is improving. He was treated by both an internal medicine doctor specializing in Endocrine systems in the body, and a local doctor in Irrology, that specializes in a Holistic Approach. The Irrologist believes that the secrets of the health of the body can be found by examining the eyes. The Holistic approach is what is curing him. There are certain herbs which will bond with the Aluminum and allow the aluminum to be flushed out of the body.

Aluminum is thought to leach out of pots when Tomato Sauce is cooked in it due to the acidic content. This might go for chili and some stews with tomatos. However, the aluminum may already be in canned tomatos bought at the market because the people who can the tomatoes may be using large aluminum vats to cook them in. Of course if you are using a scouring pad a pot may have some aluminum content on it after it is cleaned that can combine with food. I have often seen a rag turn dinjy silver after cleaning an aluminum pot and then trying to wipe it off.

Aluminum is often in things like Antacids, and Antipersperants as well.

After doing some research I found that some forms of powdered aluminum are sometimes added to water at water purification plants as a Clarifier to make the water clearer. I think this is why people are using bottled water so much. It is hard to determine all the different sources of aluminum.

I found a lot of information on studies showing adding flouride to water can have bad effects also 2 different studies managed to kill rats from this. It may be the flouride and the aluminum mix and become deadlier.

Try doing a search using Alzheimer and aluminum.

I think this is an area that local, state, federal, and foreign health officials need to pay more attention to. -- Charles Hammond

Article on Aluminium in food

Varner JA, et al. (1998). Chronic administration of aluminum-fluoride and sodium-fluoride to rats in drinking water: Alterations in neuronal and cerebrovascular integrity. Brain Research 784: 284-298. This paper found evidence that levels of aluminium fluoride as low as 1 part per million had adverse affects on brain development in rats

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