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We can't work out why we got this one!

pow_art2.gif (3346 bytes) Frank Serva's Useful URL's Website

Here is the review that appeared on his Website: 

The Hints-n-tips Website

What is it you have a question on? Could it be appliance care and repair, travel advice, finance or garden, perhaps food and drink or pets? These are only a few of the categories that you will find listed at this location, and we do mean just a few. They cover the gamut from A-Z and if you have a question that may not have an answer for thats ok too. Just send them an email and your question will be posted on the Query page (now a separate site and in no time at all other viewers will be posting answers to your question. You of course can also check to see if you can help someone who has put up a concern. This is getting back to the true spirit of the Internet". 

We were very pleased to  get this unsolicited mention especially the last sentence:

Red Hot Sites Lucky
Site Award


Congratulations! Your site has been selected to receive the BRONZE Exceptional Sites Award. 
Sites are judged based upon speed, navigation, overall appearance, use of technology and quality of content. We also take into consideration the amount of time and effort that goes into designing a web site and like to award your efforts.
We found your site to be nicely designed, easily navigated and a nice contribution to our Internet community. Keep up the great work!

Our Exceptional Sites award 

We received Yahoo-in line's Incredibly Useful Site. This is what they said about us:......
What do you know that Heloise doesn't? Share your best tips and tricks for anything -- finance, travel, household maintenance -- at Or search through the index for advice on a subject that's currently stumping you. Also included: links from each section to more online advice on the topic that interests you.

We also receive lots of unsolicited Testimonials - Check them out

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