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Some useful ideas sent in by our readers-  

Cat Grass: Indoor cats like to graze and Cat grass is becoming popular, especially among owners who keep indoor cats. Seems that it is good for them, probably supplies minerals or roughage.

Catnip is not that beneficial and should not be made available all the time, but is useful to give your cats a treat. Try growing some outside, the fresh stuff is much better than the dried version -- Alice B

Cat Litter Idea:- Since my grandson is no longer in diapers, I have discovered a new use for the Diaper Genie. I have placed it near the kitty litter box in my basement and now when I scoop the litter, I dispose of it in the Diaper Genie. The odor is greatly reduced and I no longer need to carry the scooped litter outside to the trash each time. Perhaps some other cat owners would benefit from this idea. -- DKoeppl

Entertaining your cat - A milk bottle ring can keep your cats amused for hours. -- Dave E

Catmilk. This is for anyone who feeds their cat Catmilk and doesn't have time to keep washing the bowl it's served in. For quite a while now I've been looking for tiny disposable paper bowls for this purpose but nobody seemed to make them. But one day I saw something in a dollar store and realized that my search was over. Rather than spend $2 or so on a package of 30 or so too-large paper bowls, just buy a package of cupcake pan liners! They're just the right size and just strong enough to hold the Catmilk. And best of all, they're dirt-cheap. You can buy a hundred or so for $1 at a dollar store. You can also get them at any supermarket if necessary. -- Chris M.

Kitten Games --

If you have a kitten in the house who gets over-excited wanting to play when you aren't in the mood.. keep an eye out for some of those keychain laser pointers. You can sit on the couch and have him chasing it all over the house. LOADS of fun.

I thought I would be able to run it into another room and then "lose" the dot to keep it out of my hair for awhile. But NO my kitten was too smart for that. It now paws my pocket to start the game, and if it loses the dot it comes running straight back to me. It knows where the dot comes from.
--  Gandalf Parker

A Cat Tip. Don't declaw your cat, instead tape clear double-sticky tape or clear carpet tape (found in hardware stores) on areas of sofa or chairs where you cat tends to scratch. Pre-test a small hidden area of your sofa or chair with the tape first to make sure it will not damage the material. Replace tape when dirty or remove when cat stops scratching the area. -- iMac,

Training Aid, Compressed Air Cannister: A squirt gun does work as a training device for cats but some people are leary of using it. However, a nicer and actually more effective item is the can of compressed air that you get at computer stores for cleaning the computer. You can quickly teach cats that you don't want them on the counter, or behind the fridge, or picking on the bird. They hate the blast of air, and even the sound if you are too far away for them to feel it. (don't spray more than a short blast though, its very cold)  --  Gandalf Parker

Moving House

Cats Straying I think the old saying about keeping a cat from straying when you move to a new house is "butter it's paws and put it in through the window". An old wives tail! The butter keeps it from wondering around because he's busy licking its paws and through the window keeps him from knowing where the door is. -- Vettre Wood

Straying Cats. When you get a new cat or move home, just let the cat out for the first time hungry - it won't go very far! Saves on buttery paw prints too.--  linda hawkins

Straying Cats: After moving to new house cats are less likely to run away or stray if you put a little butter on their paws Wendel Quinn Hong Kong

Cat Fleas: To repel fleas feed cat one garlic capsule every other day.  --Annette --

Fur Balls: To help stop fur-balls, occasionally add a teaspoon of liquid paraffin to their food, vary the frequency depending on whether long or short haired. - Lee Clements, New York

Cat Advice: Cats find big eyes threatening. Narrow eyes while trying to catch or control -- Wendy Quin  Hong Kong

Cat Repllent: If your cat raids the trash can, he can be deterred by sprinkling some chilli powder over the top of the rubbish -- Simon Spicer  Cranfield England

Cat Hair: Remove cats hairs from clothes and furniture by rubbing with wetted rubber gloves -- Wendy Quin Kuala Lumpur



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