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Cleaning tips for your bathroom

The bathroom can be a tricky room to keep clean. No sooner have you spent your time and energy scrubbing the bath and toilet than it’s looking grimy and dirty again. Because bathrooms are generally white or a pale colour, every speck of dirt and dust seems to show, making it feel like a never-ending mission to try and keep on top of it all.

The best piece of advice to follow when it comes to cleaning your bathroom is to keep on top of it and to avoid clutter. If your bathroom surfaces are covered with a hundred and one lotions and potions, then clearing everything away in order to wipe down your bathroom is not going to be tempting; you’re likely to just let the dust build up. Instead, make sure you have adequate storage space for all of your bathroom bits and pieces, so that you can easily go over the surfaces with a warm, damp cloth on a regular basis.

For the bathroom mirrors, you can either use a specially formulated glass cleaning spray or use products you’ll probably already have in the home, such as white vinegar. To avoid smears, wipe dry with newspaper rather than cloth.  Hot white vinegar is also good for removing stubborn soap marks on baths and basins and if poured down the sink with baking soda (a cup of each) is brilliant for unblocking plugholes.  


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