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Any Computer Game SHOOT-EM-UPS/MARTIAL ARTS Just before you are just about to die, switch off the computer or just  simply unplug it from the mains. This tip is particularly funny if you are  playing on a LAN as it may crash the other connected computers and prevents them form recording a high score. -- Jimbo Bimbo,


Load the game up as DOOM - DEVPRAM then when the game is loaded type IDBEHOLD. Then one of the following keys give you extra powers:

I=Invincible, V = Invisible, L=Lights on, S = Beserk mode.

These extra codes are IDDQD = Godmode, IDKFA = Max Ammo and guns, IDCLEV (1-3) = Level warp.-- Comi Edmunds.

Doom 2

Many of these work on Doom 1 as well. The DOOM 2 Cheat Codes are as follows:

IDBEHOLD + then one of the following keys to give you extra powers: A - Full Automap, L - Lights on, I - Invisibility, R - Anti-radiation suit, S - Beserk mode, V - Temporary invulnerability. IDDQD = God Mode. IDCLEV = (Episode #) (Map #) - Warps selected levels. IDCLIP or IDSPISPOPD = Toggles the clipping mode, letting you walk through walls. IDCHOPPERS = Get The chainsaw, and more. IDDT = Toggles between normal map, fullmap, fullmap, and any objects. IDGO= Makes you go faster than ammo can. IDKFA / IDFA = Gives all the weapons, keys, ammo, and 200% armor. IDMAN - Skip levels. NOMONSTERS - Removes all the monsters. IDMUS = (Map #) - Plays the music from any selected level (#). IDMYPOS = Displays your coordinates and heading IDTALL = Makes you taller, and also stronger. IDWEAP = Gives you a special type of gun. IDUP= Allows you to fly --James Taylor, Bedford 1998.


The following codes do the following useful cheats:

DNCLIP = Lets you walk through walls and walk through mirrors to enter the 4th Dimension DNCORNHOLIO or DNKROZ = Invulnerability. DNHYPER = Gives you steroids and activates them. DNINFINITY = Unlimited ammo. DNLOTS = gives you unlimited goodies (ammo, etc.). DNITEMS = Gives you all the Inventory items and the keys. DNINVENTORY = Gives you all Power-Ups. DNMONSTERS = Toggles monsters ON/OFF. DNSCOTTY*** = Warps you to any level. The 1st * is the episode number, the 2nd * is a zero, and the 3rd * being the level number. DNSTUFF = Gives you all the ammo, armor, keys, health, inventory stuff, & weapons. DN UNLOCK =Unlocks and opens all doors. DNWEAPONS = Gives all the weapons with full Ammo. -- Scott Robinson, London 1997.


Typing impulse 9 and then pressing enter gets all the guns with full ammo. Press the `/¬ button (the one under the Esc key), then type 'God' for God mode. -- A. Nevis, Birmingham.


Hit the ~ key then type in the following codes: God- God mode Give all- Get all Give ammo- Get max ammo for all weapons. Give weapons - Get weapons Give invulnerability - Gives invulnerability Give rebreather - Gives energy Notarget- Enemies won't attack until you attack them Noclip- walk through walls -- Anon

Microsoft Solitaire Card game.

When playing three-card solitaire holding down Control+Alt+shift will shift between three card and one card  draw -- Comi Edmunds Jul. 1998.

Wing Commander I & II

An awesome cheat is to start the game by typing [wc Origin -k] (or [wc2 Origin -k] for wc2, this is case sensitive).  This gives your ship permantly full shields. Pressing [Alt] and [Del] together destroys the currently targeted enemy ship. This cheat also works with Secret Missions, and for Special Operations start the game with [ SO1 Origin -k] or [SO2 Origin -k] -- Kevin James 1996.

Xenon 2 Megablast.

At the graphics select screen, don't hit enter but highlight the choice and then hit [F7]. When the action starts pressing [I makes   you indestructable.  -- Comi Edmunds, 1994.

Sega Games

video games. For Sega genesis the blood code for the code screen hit a,b,a,c,a,b,b -- Martin Sipe,

N64 Games

Mario Golf To make the ball speed up what you do is after you hit the ball and it starts rolling just hold down the Z button to speed it up.

Also when the ball hits the ground, if you tap Z or A a bunch of times, the ball will move a little farther, giving you better yardage on your shots.

Mortal Kombat 1 You can make your opponent remain frozen until you hit them by this handy tip. First start a one-player match with any fighter. Then repeatedly jump over the opponent and kick without hitting them. Keep this up until the computer blocks you. Then jump back over the computer opponent for one more time without kicking. After landing you wait and do not hit any of the buttons. The opponent will then remain frozen until you hit them.

Mortal Kombat 2 You can reach a Secret intro screen after you first turn on the power, by immediately holding L and R on Controller 1.

help with zax! i'm on the eight level and having trouble getting past freeing all the slaves. need 3 more.  Trujillo Francisco 

Goldeneye    Almost all of the cheats in Goldeneye become available simply by beating levels  under a certain amount of time on a set difficulty. Here are a number of cheats from Nintendo to keep you going.

Level Cheat    Difficulty Time
Dam Paintball Mode Secret Agent 2:40
Facility     Invincibility  00 Agent 2:05
Runway     Big Head (DK mode) Agent 5:00
Surface 2x Grenade Launcher Secret Agent 3:30
Bunker 2x Rocket Launcher  00 Agent 4:00
Silo        Turbo Mode  Agent 3:00
Frigate   No Radar Secret Agent 4:30
Surface  2X Tiny Bond 00 Agent 4:15
Bunker2      2x Throwing Knives Agent  1:30
Statue      Fast Animation Secret Agent 3:15
Archives   Invisibility 00 Agent 1:20
Streets Enemy Rockets Agent  1:45
Depot Slow Animation     Secret Agent 1:30
Train     Silver PP7 00 Agent  5:25
Jungle 2x Hunting Knives Agent   3:45
Control  Infinite Ammo Secret Agent 10:00
Caverns 2x RC-P90s 00 Agent 9:30
Cradle  Gold PP7   Agent  2:15
AZTEC     2x Lasers Secret Agent 9:00
EGYPTIAN All Guns 00 Agent 6:00

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