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Computer Energy Savings - The Compost Heap - Drive Green

Ditch the Car

Not only is it much greener by far to go by train or bus but the motor car has to be the most stressful way of getting to your destination. Travel can and should be a pleasure, When comfortably seated on your train, you can finish off that novel, prepare for that meeting with the boss or important client, passengers. If your family or friends are with you then the journey can be turned in to a low key party; an excellent way to start your trip out or holiday. You can also stretch your legs at any time, remember that DVT - deep vein thrombosis can affect drivers as well as airline passengers.

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Have you been in trains and coaches lately? many have power sockets to plug in your laptop and a restaurant or buffet car in trains can mean a welcome break. Ever taken a 'sleeper'? - overnight trains where you wake refreshed at your destination.

Your carbon dioxide generation per mile when travelling in a full long distance coach is 14 to 15 grams per mile, by train it would be 70 to 80, taking the plane would put it up to approximately 600 grams per mile. Flying is pretty bad, only a single driver in a large SUV is worse. Your short aeroplane trip generates more carbon dioxide than your body weight, a translantic trip produces over a ton!

Block the Chimney. If you have an older house you can save money on your heating bills by blocking up unused chimneys. Plastic foam is the best but I usually end up using old clothes -- Peter and Thelma Jones Alicante Spain

Computer Energy Use ~ Some simple ways to save energy (and money).

1. You can buy a device that will switch off peripherals when you switch off your main computer. Google 'Power down peripherals' and you will find products for your country or region.

2. Buy a Laptop; most laptops use less than half the energy of a desktop machine.

3. Sleep Mode, If you are leaving your computer for a while, perhaps going to lunch remember to put it into sleep or hibernate mode. You can set up the power options from the 'Control Panel'

4. Get rid of your old monitor, the energy you save in two years will have paid for a nice smart flat screen monitor.

5. Finally, make sure that you recycle old computer hardware. Re-use of good machines can be done through charities. If you are scrapping your old machine why not remove the disk drive and put it in a housing and use it for back up storage for your new machine. An additional benefit is the security aspect; you will not have to worry that someone is extracting your details.

Kind Regards - Maryam Sabze

Raise a Compost Heap

Use your food and garden waste to produce high quality plant food and soil conditioner. You can simply pile it up in a corner of your garden, buy a compost bin or make a brick or wooden enclosure.

Whichever method you use, make sure that all possible sources are exploited; vegetable peel, coffee grounds, tea bags, grass and hedge clippings and food waste.

Surprisingly you can also use tissues and shredded paper waste, egg boxes of the fibrous type will all compost down nicely and believe it or not vacuum cleaner dust will benefit your plants -- Roger Halliday

Gardening Tip. Take a bucket into the shower with you to use the water for the garden. You can then feel no guilt whatsoever when you use it for watering your plants -- JB

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