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Getting a Glass Lid (top) from a Glass Jar. We had trouble getting the glass lid (top) from a glass jar. Temperature differential did not help nor did rubber bands and rubber gloves. With eye protection and gloves, one of us held the jar whilst the other levered the lid using vice-grip pliers. The knob was protected with thick rubber bands and a rubber rest was on the edge of the jar lever point. It took a little time and patience but we were successful with not one but two jars. -- Dr John BROWNBILL.

Stuck Glass Lid #2: Following on from Dr Brownsbill’s post, this evening I had an inspiration when faced with no rice for supper after the glass lid became jammed in the jar. In the UK you can buy something called a ‘wheaty’ neck warmer which is a fleece bag about 17” long x 4.5” wide filled with wheat berries. Microwave according to instructions to maximum heat. Wrap round the neck of the jar and hold for 30 seconds or so. Hey presto, the lid will come out with no effort whatsoever and no danger to yourself. I’ve now reclaimed some lentils that were inaccessible for months as well! -- ALISON PRUDENCE

Stuck Glass Lid #3: Hi there. Following on from my recent tip I’ve used a similar principle to remove a metal lid from a jam jar which had resisted all efforts for over three months. The key is that the metal needs to be hot and expand and the glass needs to stay cool. I put an inch of boiling water in a bowl and held the lid in it for 60 seconds and hey presto, the lid came off easily. NB: the water did not come up beyond the edge of the lid and therefore did not directly touch the glass which might have caused a problem. Happy opening! -- Alison Prudence


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