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Appliance Care & Repair Gardens.
Household. Plumbing
Building and DIY Tax Advice (US)
Vehicle Repair & Maintenance Health.
General Computer Problems. Pets
General Hints and tips. Computer Games
Travel Advice. Food and Drink
Finance and investing. Leisure
The Internet Career and Personal Development.
Legal Advice Communications.
Safety and Security Interior Design
Indoor Flowers Misc
Dating UK specific Information

General Hints and Tips. Tips and tricks in a wide range of topics.  Not bad at all. Many original tips.
www.members.~Barefoot_Lass One of the best tips sites Suggestions and tips on things to do More parenting advice Useful site for busy parents Lots and lots of tips. Avoid getting ripped off A free service that features 1000's of volunteers in many different areas waiting to answer your   questions
www.thetipsbank A general tips site. Submit a tip! "My way of trying to share all those little pearls of wisdom that used to be passed from generation to generation" JJ  Vast collection of tips - definitely worth a visit
Get Organized Now! -  Free tips, ideas and articles to help you get organized An excellent source of tips on economizing and healthy living

Appliance Care & Repair THE DIY Website. Look after  your appliances

Motoring and Vehicle Repair & Maintenance Car repair advice and reference. bit untidy but not as bad as my daughter Roxie's room Has hints and tips section, along with classified adds, and news. Consumer advice on car buying  Buying, maintaining, selling your vehicle. Useful negotiating tips when buying your car

DIY and Building The resource to help you research your steel building project online. - Anything to do with roofs, a very well put together and useful site    THE DIY Website (US) Ask The Builder home page    Free information Website with everything you need to know about paint  This guy knows his stuff  We found lots of useful stuff on this one, mainly DIY and building information but household topics too.

Dating Creative dating ideas and tips for dating success

Household. The Commonsense Community - A well known company has put together a very useful site full of quality tips and advice. Get organized Lots and lots AND lots............. Old favorite - ThatHomeSite - forum site now incorporated in to Gardenweb - still a fantastic tips site. Mainly for the ladies but men can learn something too More tips on fabric care.  A wide range of tips/hints - Very useful especially the stain removal section  Another useful site  Get organized  Creative Homemaking, good selection of tips, too. Tips on how to look after hardwood floors

Finance and Investing. Answers credit queries --- be prepared to give some personal information.  Business site. A resource on student financial aid.    FAQ's on investing

Legal Advice A leading site for law and legal information,

Garden The number one garden site The seed program database. Lots and lots of gardening tips

Leisure  Freeshop Hobbies, get free information, and material about many hobbies.

Plumbing B&Q's DIY pages some plumbing tips THE DIY Website Plumbing page with hints and tips section. Useful UK specific information

Tax Advice (US) Taxation info including links to Video Tips

Food and Drink Lots of really good stuff.

Interior Design Four British Designers give us their ideas

Pets Tips for caring for your new pet. American Veterinary Medical Association
site tips on equine, canine and feline care. An excellent site for hints on dog behavior Pet help along with sales and supplies.

Travel Advice This is by far the most useful site we have
found for travellers and backpackers.  tips and information for the lady traveller

Health Large site lots of general info.  Useful health information. Information on smoking and heart disease. Tips from the British Heart Foundation An Independent educational site

-A very useful source of links and facts about Alzheimers An extensive database of information and resources for patients and their families to better understand the symptoms of mesothelioma Personal views on a range of health problems An information guide about sleep disorders. symptoms, causes, treatments of various sleep disorders sleep apnea, insomnia, snoring, restless legs and narcolepsy Comprehensive information about dangerous effects of smoking, benefits of quitting smoking and easy and effective tips to stop smoking. A useful free information site with well researched and presented advice

Career  Several tips pages here Useful tips on presentation skills Search for Jobs -A search engine just for jobs. An invaluable resource for Veterinary Technicians. Also for those considering a career in the field.  Advice and support teachers and those considering the profession 

Communications Useful tips on presentation skills

Safety and Security 25 Tips for Safety in the Home Cyber Security from, the US Government
Coseam UK UK organisation - Corporate Informational security

Computer Games "an extensive archive of hints, FAQs and
cheats" Game related discussions from GameHourz. An extremely popular site for the serious gamer Nineties games info- Mechman's game reviews and computer cheats.

Misc Sign up for tips. Good content   Garage Sale Tools and Supplies - FREE garage sale checklists, tips, signs, and more.

You will help someone in need when you donate your car to charity

Computer General Lots of quality tips, all free of charge! A useful resource for computer drivers. An extremely wide range of drivers   Articles and tips on using scanners

The Internet A blog with really useful tips and information on making your Website visible to the search engines

Other Link Sites and Pages Many useful links

Useful UK Specific Links  major UK Directory with many free resources and consumer guides. Useful UK specific information DIY, Plumbing etc.




























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