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Manage your time.  21 ways to tame time:

1. ACT

2. Know what your own "time wasters" are and avoid them

3. Give yourself plenty of time to do the job or task

4. Relax

5. Understand what must be done

6. Do it right first time

7. Break tasks into manageable bits

8. Schedule your day

9. Use "idle" time to your advantage

10. Build the right habits

11. Prioritize on importance and need

12. Plan to work and work your plan

13. Use technology but don't get bogged down with it

14. Gather the facts

15. Analyze the situation

16. Make a decision

17. Watch out for "paralysis-by-analysis"

18. Don't put things off

19. Tie up loose ends

20. Implement your action plan

21. Become a Goal Getter Follow the 21 steps listed above and put time on your side.

Thanks for your time. Arthur A. Hawkins II author of Time Tactics Survival Guide

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