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Viagra is a Marvelous Discovery but men can implement simple measures to improve health and fertility; Antioxidants such as vitamin E and C and the mineral selenium have been shown to improve sperm count.  Other measures such as avoiding long periods of sitting down and eliminating tobacco and coffee are also helpful -- Dr Annie McInnes, Edinburgh, Scotland

Avoid Restrictive Underwear, boxer shorts were developed during WW2 by medical experts working for the US government. They allow the testicle's temperature control servo-mechanism to work properly. -- Dr Annie McInnes, Edinburgh, Scotland  

Heart disease was the original reason for developing Viagra but again there are measures available to most men (and women) that will improve heart condition and reduce the risk of heart attacks; research in Cambridge, England proves that moderate supplementation with Vitamin E can reduce non-fatal attacks.  Fish oils and garlic have been proven to reduce the tendency for blood to clot in the way that causes heart attacks.-- Dr Annie McInnes, Edinburgh, Scotland

Please note that anyone, particularly men over 50, experiencing urinary discomfort should visit a doctor as it is frequently a symptom of something serious. If you undergo surgery for prostate problems insist that proper testing is done as some surgeons only get the tissue tested for cancer if you actually ask for it to be done.  -- Raymond Watson  

A Beer Belly is Bad for You ! Cut these empty calories: Most men start accumulating fat around the midriff in their middle years, adding calories from beer is a sure way to worse the condition; back problems, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke and other debilitating conditions will be much more likely if you keep your "tum". Research shows that men who get rid of their "frontal padding" live longer and enjoy much better health. Aerobic exercise is the answer - not sit-ups. Jump on the your exercise bike or play some sports. You do not need to give up your "Buds" or "Fosters" entirely, but get studious about slimming down - the Internet has many resources with good advice. When you find out what you need to do about the problem develop a plan that you can stick to. Execute that plan and live a longer, trouble - free and contented life. - I have heard the suggestion that a bear belly is a sure sign of the 'Male Menopause' or as some more expert people call it the 'Andropause'. In some cultures it is viewed as a status symbol but most ladies prefer a man who is carrying less baggage around his midriff.

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A man to consult his health must check his appetite -- Luigi Cornaro

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