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Mobile Phone Safety

If you are worried about the damage done to your brain by Microwave energy from the antenna then use a hands free kit.  Most of the devices that claim to shield your brain are worse than useless, some even focus the energy into your head. -- Axel Klystron  Milton Keynes UK

Pay attention to the signal strength indication on your mobile. The power used by your phone can vary by as much as sixteen times depending on whether you are getting good signals from the local transmitter. Your battery will last much longer if you are in a good reception area.   Just stepping outside your car to get better reception can often double battery life (and halve the amount of energy zapping your head) --  Axel Klystron  Milton Keynes UK

Get an Electronic Engineer to fit a couple of ferrite beads on the cable to your "hands free", that should stop the radio frequency energy travelling up the cable.  --  Sam Clark, London

If you are concerned that the phone you are buying is giving out an unnecessarily high level of microwave radiation, you should ask about the SAR rating, a good dealer will be able to tell you.  The rating, and therefore the dosage can vary by up to twenty times. The Institute for Satellite and Mobile Communications carried out tests that showed a variation between 0.1 and 2.67   i.e. the worst one was more than twenty times worse. -- Ed - .

Professor Darius Leszczynski from the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority of Finland has conducted research that confirms that there are damaging effects from the radiation that is emitted from mobile phones. He has written a report that claims that there is a failure of the blood-brain barrier in both rats and humans who have been exposed to even moderate amounts of radiation.  An intact blood-brain barrier is essential to protect the delicate brain cells from damage from neurotoxic substances accumulating and poisoning brain cells.

There is some evidence that overexposure to microwave radiation from mobile phones can cause Early Onset Dementia. While doing research for a TV program on the hazards of mobile phones. The journalists learned of at least eight British engineers who had acquired the disorder before their 45th birthday. All eight had been exposed to mobile phone radiation for several hours a day. 

Children seem to be more vulnerable and should only use mobiles in an emergency situation. 

Brain, eye and other head and neck cancers have sometimes been attributed to the use of mobiles, however since there is considerable latency, ten to twenty years elapsing between the exposure to the causative factor and onset, it will be some time before we know for sure whether the concerns are justified.

The Blood-Brain Barrier and Dementia:
An intact blood-brain barrier is essential to protect the delicate brain cells from damage from neurotoxic substances accumulating and poisoning brain cells.It is likely that any factor which reduces the effectiveness of the mechanism will result in a more rapid build-up of cell-damaging substances. The increased use of mobile phones is believed to reduce the effectiveness of the BBB and it will be interesting to see if there is an increase in this new form of dementia.

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