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Wasp's Nest. To de-activate a wasps nest spray it with a thick mixture of soap and water ! -- Joe Gaeta

Wasp Trap Bait. Since wasps (or yellowjackets) are attracted to different types of bait over the weeks that they mature its hard to find a commercial attractant that works all the time.

We came up with a recipe that lures them in even when there is steak on the table next to the trap. We add fruit juice to a spoonful of canned cat food and mix it to the consistency of heavy cream. The wasps find that resistance is futile! -- Carol Lane

Wasp's Nest #2: Hi was reading a few posts about wasps. I have just found a wasp nest in my shed and sprayed it with ant killer, heard it had a chemical in it that kills wasps. I am a vegetarian and don't eat animals so that they don't die just for my benefit. I normally wouldn't kill a fly, in fact I was upset today when I was painting my daughters play house and a fly landed on the paint and so I helped it off by providing some paper for it to climb on and so you see I hate killing anything unnecessary. However I had to reply when I saw so many posts coming up "you can't kill bee's or wasp's how dare anyone say that you can blar blar blar" as although I would normally be against that kind of unnecessary torture, I would trade it anyday with having to see either of my daughters in hospital due to a bee or wasp sting. people die of them every year and as my daughters play in the garden near the shed I would much rather potect my two precious bundles of joy then get stuck up about a g0d damn wasp! -- P. Pamela Lee

Wasp Control I have just recently extinguished a wasp nest in our garden by using hot water and clothes washing liquid mixed together in a spray bottle. When
sprayed onto the flying wasps, it grounded them enabling me to get to the
queen and terminate the nest! a regretful thing to do but having a 2 year
old running around, it just wasn't safe - sorry!
-- Ian Butterfield

Insect Problems: I read somewhere that powders kill many insects because they inhale the powder and have no way to get it out of their lungs.  (Ever hear a bug cough?)  This explains why chalk, cinnamon and boric acid all seem to stop ants and roaches.  Another thing that kills bugs is soapy water.  Spraying soapy water on your aphid-filled plants will kill them without harming plants, animals or children. -- Dottie Dot Hage

Deterring Ants. I see that there are quite a few anti ant tips, but here is another chemical free and cheap way of dealing with them. Use ordinary talcum powder, sprinking a barrier where they are getting into the house, outside (and inside if you like). Ants don't like walking over the powder. When it rains you will have to repeat outside of course. When the problem is cured you can just hoover up the dust indoors, and no nasty chemicals for animals or children to suffer. -- ROSALYN HAMBLETT. 7 Dec 2006

Ants. If you are bothered by ants indoors, smear a mix of citronella oil and tea tree oil where they are coming in (I also smear it around the edges of my food cupboard doors). They dislike the citronella, as do most insects, and the tea tree is an insecticide. It doesn't take long for them to get the message and not venture in. -- Pam Osborne. England "Pam Osborne"  

Kill wasps, Ants, Spiders etc. .....stop buying the expensive poisons....just take a spray bottle and mix half water and half dish soap.....add water first then dish soap...dont shake, mix carefully without creating bubbles....make sure the spray bottle has stream on it....makes it easier to hit flying insects and spiders.....soak the bug and in a few seconds it will be dead. -- KrisC" 2 Oct 2003

Pesky Fruit Fly Tip  Here's a good way to get rid of those pesky fruit flies around the house without using harmful chemicals. You will need a spray bottle with an adjustable spray-head. fill the bottle with rubbing alcohol and adjust the spray head so that it sprays a fine mist. When you spray the fruit files, the rubbing alcohol will not kill them but it will knock them out so that they fall onto the floor where you can sweep them up. Doesn't work as good as insecticide, but then again, you won't be poisoning your family and yourself either. Blessings, -- Tony 13 Aug 2003  

Bees and Wasps

I just happened upon your site today. It's great! I am a webmaster and would love permission to put a link to your site, on a few of mine. Here is a great tip that I would like to offer. One day while coming out of the shower I noticed a large bee, circling the light on the bathroom ceiling. I didn't happen to have any insect spray in the house. I picked up the first spray bottle (pump) that I could reach. It was HAIR SPRAY! I figured that the fumes might knock the bee out, so I could dispose of it. Then it dawned on me, the way it makes your hair manageable (subtly stiff), it would do the same to the bee's wings. Sure enough, it worked! I picked up with a tissue when it fell to the floor and sent it to sea. Now I keep a few extra bottles of hair spray (extra super hold) around the house and garage. An added bonus is that it is much safer then most insect repellent sprays. It doesn't have dozens of toxic or dangerous chemicals in it. You don't need to soak the insect with the spray. Maybe two or three pumps or a 2 or 3 second spray is best. The more spray, the longer it takes to dry. -- Joseph Fortunato -

Pest Control. Please DO NOT kill BEES (particularly cruel and unnecessary is spraying with hairspray as recommended by Joseph Fortunato). They don't want to be in your house anymore than you want them there so just cover with a glass and slip a piece of card underneath to trap them and then release them outside. Bees are on the decline and if we didn't have bees to pollinate our crops we wouldn't have any food! Thanks. Best wishes -- Amanda Rofe, Tonbridge, Kent. 1/07/09

Hi there I wrote to you earlier today asking people not to kill bees as I was really upset to see that a hint by Joseph Fortunato had been added telling people to kill bees using hairspray.

I'm writing to ask you if you would remove his hint/tip. This sort of thing really shouldn't have any place on any website. There is absolutely no reason to kill bees or wasps for that matter.

You can easily remove them humanely if you have the odd one flying about the house. If you have a nest anywhere, wait until autumn/winter and remove the actual nest. It can easily be relocated elsewhere ie. an old tree or shed. We have two nests in our loft, one bees nest and one wasps nest. Neither cause us any problems whatsoever. We never get stung. We don't bother them. They don't bother us. They both are an integral part of the natural system. Bees are particularly important for pollinating our food crops. Thank you. -- Amanda Rofe, Tonbridge, Kent. UK 1/07/09

Mouse Traps. When I set mousetraps, I always bait them and put them in a brown paper lunchbag. The mice seem drawn to the small place to explore and all I have to do is close the bag and throw it away after they've been caught! No muss, no fuss! -- Martha Smith

Mice. Mice seem to prefer peanut butter, bacon, and nuts, and chocolate to cheese in mouse traps. - Anon

Pests  A pumpkin seed is a good cheap and effective bait for a mouse trap. Mice love seeds and the smell and the pumpkin seed will not be easily removed by the mouse if you put it on firmly. If you want to make the pumpkin seed even more alluring, rub a small amount of cheese over the upper surface of the seed before, setting the trigger on the trap. A la mousie - guaranteed. Cheerio Megan -- Megan Scott

Mice. Mice problems - mix 2/3 cup cornmeal plus 1/3 cup dry cement or plaster powder. Mix well. Put this into a small plastic jar with a lid in which a hole about 1 1/2 has been drilled, lay it on its side out of the way, mice will find it some time that day. If you would like you can also offer them a nice dish of cool water, they may get thirsty. LOL Mice problems - How's about a nice small dish of potato buds and a nice dish of cool water. Once they eat then have a drink, guaranteed there belly's won't shrink. Bye! Bye! mousses. -- John D

Ants. Mix ant killer (borax powder, etc.) with sugar and leave near the nest, they will eat it and take the poison back to the nest where it will kill the queen ant. Make sure that young children and pets can not get near!! – Axel Klystron. This one sounds quite dangerous to pets and children etc. Take care Ed

Ants  I have found that ants will not cross a chalk line drawn on any surface. Of course if you live in a rainy area where ants are a problem, you must re-draw the chalk lines each time it rains. But it really works to keep ants away from your home -- Shirley Strevell

Sugar Ants To get rid of the pesky ants you simply take cinnamon and place it wherever you have noticed them and they will leave, for some strange reason they don't like it!!!!! -- RoosGirl

Pesty Nats.  A proven way to get rid of those pesty nats is to poke holes in a jar lid (any kind will do) make the holes big enough for the nats to fit through. Then fill the bottom of the jar with vinegar.(About 1/4th full) Put the lid on the jar and sit around in the kitchen or anywhere watch the nats disapear in the jar.this is great for resteraunts, hospitals, fish markets etc. -- Alma Baity   

Bugs in the Pantry: You can reduce any bug problem by the following tips: When you buy flour or cornmeal, freeze it for twenty-four hours before placing in canister. I would also look very hard at using plastic seal containers for all dry goods like flour and breakfast cereals, rice,etc. If you buy the right size containers, maybe you can stack and still have room. We live in southern Texas and cockroaches were our dilemma. However by doing the above and not using any sticky shelf paper, which they like to eat, I have had no more troubles. Also, if anybody else has cockroach problems, get rid of wall paper as they like to eat paste on that as well. In fact any glue like substance feeds the critters. -- Good Luck, Patti "Seize The Day" for "This Too Shall Pass"

Slugs and Snails: To keep slugs away from sensitive plants sprinkle eggshells around them. Ash and grit are also supposed to be effective. Sprinkle slugs with salt to kill them. It is also possible to trap slugs using containers in the ground that have some beer in the bottom. Empty grapefruit halves work as well. Vaseline smeared around plant pots stops slugs getting to the plants inside. – Rosalind Edmonds.

Earwigs If you have a problem with earwigs just roll up a newspaper and leave it in the problem area over night when you wake up in the morning they will be inside the paper put in plastic bag and throw away. Of course it isn't a permanent solution but it will help cut down on the quantity.-- Kelly Lowery

Silverfish. If you are troubled with silverfish try placing whole cloves in the closets and drawers -- J Maroof

A contributor suggested sprinkling Epsom salts at the back of cupboards as a way of eliminating silverfish. Sorry but we lost the original e-mail. -- Ed

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