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Plumbing - Which tools do I need?

Every DIY enthusiast needs to have certain plumbing supplies in order to do necessary projects in the home. It is not always possible to predict when a project will arise. Therefore, it is a great idea to have certain plumbing tools on hand for such occasions, as they can save you both time and money. The following are a series of tools that you should own:

Adjustable Wrench:

Adjustable wrenches are available in many different bolt sizes as well as fittings and nuts. Although they are many different sizes on the market, the average DIY plumbing project will require only a 12’ wrench. Keep in mind that you want to exert any force on the fixed jaw instead of the adjustable jaw.

Pipe Wrench:

The pipe wrench is another essential asset and is required for gripping and rotating threaded pipes and fittings. These wrenches, similar to adjustable wrenches, are available in different sizes and are made so that they can be fitted to meet the requirements of a project. As with the adjustable wrench, the force should be applied against the fixed instead of the adjustable jaw in order to avoid damage.

Rib-joint Pliers:

These pliers can be used in many different types of projects such as the tightening of pipes, fittings, and nuts which is required for the correction of pipe leaks. These pliers are able to be adjusted by adjusting the pivot into different positions so that objects can be gripped between the pliers.

Locking Pliers:

These types of pliers are wonderful for projects that necessitate clamping. They can be used in order to lock bolts and pipes and are also adjustable through screws that are on the handle.


The majority of homeowners already have screwdrivers since they are able to be used for limitless projects. For projects which require the disassembling of appliances or the replacement of faucets, a screwdriver is a nonnegotiable asset. The best screwdriver option is the 4-in-1 screwdriver that is able to be used for many different projects. You should ensure that the screwdriver’s head is closely matched to size of the screw that you are using the screwdriver on. If they are not closely matched, either the screwdriver or the screw may become damaged.

Pipe Cutters:

Several types of pipe cutters are also an essential asset. Varying types of cutters are able to cut copper, as well as various other materials such as rigid plastic or flexible tubing which is used in sprinkle pipes.

Measuring Tape:

This is an integral part of any household project, including those pertaining to plumbing. The most versatile type of tape is a 25 foot measuring tape that is made of steel. Steel tapes are the best choice as they do not need to be supported when placed further away.

Drain-Clearing Tools: sink plunger

Drains are liable to get clogged at any time. Because of this, it is always a good idea to possess tools that will help to unclog drains such as augers or the sink plunger shown.





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