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Retribution is Sweet

Obnoxious arrogant schoolmates; how to show them their place. 

If you're sure the offender is the next person to use the shower you're  in luck and that person will be blue. Here's how: Go to the VET and  purchase some fairly large empty gelatin capsules, fill them with something like  RIT, a dye used to dye clothes in the washing machine. Personally I prefer  Woad Blue, but then I'm a Scot. Purchase some plain gelatin at the grocery. Mix it up in hot water and after the surface becomes the least bit sticky dip the capsule in and dry it with an hair dryer, repeat this several times. Admittedly this part is a bit tricky.

Zip into the WC, carefully remove the shower head, pop a few capsules in the pipe and replace the shower head. Then when the water flows at first no color will flow, about the time your schoolmate gets soapy and closes the eyes -- well then the color will flow. OBTW There is no cure, it has to wear off. Usually humility wears on at the same time.

Another outstanding trick is to sneak into the WC and stretch Saran Wrap over the toilet bowl. Make a really neat job of it. This is best done late Friday or Saturday night. When the offender returns from a night of revelry that person will approach the white throne depending on their specific degree of devotion, they may reverently kneel, respectfully stand or sit in quiet spiritual contemplation. In any case they will be dazed and amazed.

In rather cold damp climates I've found the early morning application of Super Glue to the appropriate door knob a few minutes before it will be grasped is quite a bonding experience. As a person so joined as it might be said, is usually in a state of undress the opportunities for contumely and opprobrium are virtually infinite.

If the offending person has been out drinking and is now abed and if perchance a hand of the offender dangles from the bed, well, hummm. Fill a small bowl with slightly cooled water, stack some stuff so you can sit the bowl on it and carefully immerse the offender's hand in the slightly cooled water... Beat a silent but hasty retreat. Shortly the offender will awaken realizing he had a liquid problem and now has to lay in it.

Bill McCaslin Dir. Technical Services & Training Document Imaging Solutions, LLC 

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