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Slippery Bath Problem solved - Silicone build-up

HELP: Housekeeper cleaned tub with Windex
For the last month my housekeeper has been cleaning my bathtub with Windex. I have fallen four times and finally realized it wasn’t the rubber mat getting old but the tub had become slick. I could have been killed today when I fell out the tub onto my head and saw stars. My daughter called an ambulance. A friend spoke to my house keeper and she said she had switched to Windex. She tried cleaning the tub today with abrasives and all kinds of other cleansers but the tub is still slick. What would I use to remove the silicone in the Windex? - Anna

Hi Anna A friend suggested the following:-
I am not a professional chemist but what I believe has happened is that some of the silicon atoms have replaced the carbon atoms in the plastic and altered it's properties. You will probably have to live with it until the top layer wears away. Abrasive cleaners should work after time and you could try extra fine emery paper but it would take some of the plastic away and could expose an under layer. The good news is that the siliconized layer is longer lasting and will stay clean easier. -- David E

Hi David Thank you for your reply.
I eventually found someone who knew what happened. The tub is porcelain and the windex bonded to the porcelain and as my housekeeper kept cleaning the tub with windex the silicone in it kept bonding onto of itself until it had created a really slick and very dangerous tub. My daughter had fallen twice and this was the third time I fell.

I was told that mineral spirits would remove the silicone layers – he said to ensure all the sides and rims are cleaned to so they don’t “move” down when showering. I hired a handyman to come in and do it when it didn’t seem to work for me – it took him 1½ hours to get down to the porcelain. You could feel the difference between where there was windex – silicone vs. just porcelain.

It is important to warn people what to clean their tubs with…Thanks again -- Anna

And Finally - Just a quick note to tell you that I spoke to a fireman after this happened and he said from his observation most falls in bathtubs occur because of the type of cleansers used that leave a slippery coating on the tubs!! Be careful of the cleanser – a shiny tub is not best in this case!! -- Anna

Note: Mineral Spirits are known as White Spirits in some countries - Ed

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