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Spotting Meningitis

Meningitis kills and quite often the victims are children. If you suspect meningitis then you should take immediate action. There are several symptoms that parents should be aware of; a fever accompanied by severe headaches and a rash are two common ones. Being aware and prepared is vitally important and some browsing the internet brings up some good information. Your doctor or health professional may also have a brochure or booklet describing the symptoms.

The rash starts in the form of red ticks or spots and grows to become blotchy, the way to tell if the rash is due to meningitis is to press a clear glass on the spot, if the spot fades then it is the disease.

Other symptoms to look out for are; delirium, stiff or sore neck, difficulty in rousing and seizures, Sometimes there is photophobia or a dislike of light and there can be a difficulty in standing and limb pain.

There is a vaccine available for one of the forms of the disease and research is continuing to find one for the others- A O'Sullivan

A red rash that does not fade could be due to Septicaemia which is also a severe condition.

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