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A special thanks for keeping up a valuable web site from which we can all learn -- D Calderon

Thank you  What a fantastic web site so many great and useful tips. Well thought of, well done. Best Regards. YouCa4 

Your Site I just found your site today from a Linky and Dinky email dated December 28, 2001 (I'm just a bit behind in my mail). Love your site. -- Thanks S Hobbs Tampa Bay

Hi, Very helpful site -- Heynspyou35

This is the first time I have visited this website. It came up on a Yahoo search for clothes stain removal and was VERY helpful. I just purchased my first home and found some useful tips here, as well. I will definitely be coming back and, hopefully, contributing some tips of my own...  -- Thanks, Michelle Shelton --

Your site is riveting, I've enjoyed it very much.  Best wishes, -- Kate  23 May 2006

Wonderful Resource. I found your site a wonderful resource, and was really impressed with all the effort that's gone into it. Your links list is terrific, and I've bookmarked it so I'll be able to come back again and again. My own website www.i-tupperware.com   has hundreds and hundreds of household hints, I thought it might be of interest to your visitors as well. I'd be delighted if you thought it was good enough to add to your list of tips or shopping sites. Thanks for making a nice site that others can enjoy. Best regards, --   Diane

Just looking through your site and it is amazing.  ~~ Gay Forstbauer

Thank you, this site is great!  ~~ C Bruce

Hints'nTips.com  -- Remember the morning we took calls about Helpful Hints? This site will give you advice on just about anything. Bill Elder's Radio Show Texas

Hi, I am Ashwaty Nair From India. Recently I visited your site and I simply loved it. It is an extremely helpful and useful one. ~~ Ashwaty 

Your site is a blast!  ~~ Anon

  thank you for a great site ~~ "Donna"   

A new home, a new mess! Hi! My name is Lisa. Iím totally whomped with my new home. It is so messy! All these boxes lying everywhere. But now that I have visited this site, things are better. One day my daughter was on Ask Jeeves.com, She saw an advertisement for this site and now Iím more in control. It took just a few hours to make this place look decent. Thanx a bunch ~~ Lisa  

The next three recommendations came along with tips all arrived with one mail processing so we were understandably seriously pleased with ourselves:

Thanks and Congrats on a very neat Web-site. I printed out lots of tips to keep and refer back to and have added to my Favorites! ~~  Barbara 

You have the best hints and tips site I have found, I am a bachelor and need all of the help I can find. Thank you. ~~ Jerry Engelen (Jerome Engelen)

Way good tips, Thanks. ~~   A Guest St Johns Newfoundland

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