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Tummy Bugs

Stomach infections can wreck a holiday - Some advice on how to survive.

Some serious conditions start with what seems like a bout of diarrhea so make sure you see a doctor or pharmacist if you feel ill.

If stricken with tummy bugs, particularly in foreign parts starve yourself for one or (preferably) two days. Drink plenty of safe, mineral rich drinks. – resume eating non-protein foods (such as fruit or French fries). A safe animal protein source to start eating again is chicken. After experiencing illness while on holiday it is wise to consult your Doctor upon your return -- Comi's Dad

Salmonella: To destroy salmonella bacteria during cooking the temperature at the center of the food must reach greater than 71 degrees Centigrade (or 160 degrees F). This is the temperature that egg yolks start to set. -- FN Miller, New Zealand.

If suffering from heavy vomiting due to food poisoning/tummy bug/etc. fizzy drinks such as Coke and Pepsi (caution see next tip) help to re-hydrate and help relieve the discomfort from vomiting -- Froozie01, Iran

Tummy bugs on travelling info:  If you cant stop being sick then fizzy drinks will only make it worse. You need fizzy drinks with a sprinkle of sugar in it to take away the fizz and keep the sugar level up in your body i know plenty of hangovers have seen to that and yes it really works for a hang over Wayne!!. Please change on travelling tips.-- Purdy Wickens  

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A man to consult his health must check his appetite -- Luigi Cornaro





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