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Menstrual Cramps: Great Menstrual Cramp Relief Advice. A nurse gave me advice that finally helped with my cramps! I'll also give you some of the tried and true tricks that myself and friends have found. The most important thing is to take a Calcium and Magnesium supplement (which you need anyway) every day (if you can't handle that do it for a minimum of 10 days before and the time during your period). A few days before your period starts begin taking Aleve (also known as naprosyn/naproxen. Caffeine often aggravates cramps, so cut down or quit right before your period and during the first couple days of it. Increase that 8 glasses of water a day to 12 oz. To get rid of the draggy feeling you get right before your period try exercise or sex - very helpful to you (and maybe to your marriage), drink extra water, and make sure you are getting some down time - curling up with a good book and some herbal tea before bed does wonders for your body and your psyche. Get plenty of sleep to help minimize all of the symptoms. If you still have cramps after all this ask your doctor about Vioxx - that along with the stuff listed above knocks out even the worst menstrual cramps - I suffer from Endometriosis and I am now totally cramp free. Hope this helps!  -- Stephanie Schiffman,

If you have PMS symptoms, ie... anger, confusion, or feel depressed take B complex vitamins (follow the dose on the bottle). Start taking them at lest 10 days prior to the time of your period, which is when PMS symptoms start to show for most women. And drink a lot of water to help with any swelling. And of course a bit of chocolate always makes me feel better. Sharon Simi Valley, California

Prevent Yeast Infections: Drink cranberry juice and take vitamin C. i  used to have yeast infections, but since i started keeping a bottle of cranberry juice in the fridge, i haven't had one since, and that's been 5 years ago. i would suggest drinking a glass after intimacy. vitamin c is great just for keeping you immunity up, so take a tablet or 2 a day. it really does work. as time goes on your need for drinking it will become less, but its a good idea to keep some on hand in case you feel that 'a yeast infections coming on feeling' if you've ever had one you know what i mean! take care! -- dede 

Woman's Health   If you are going through the menopause and suffer from hot flushes during the night, a quick way to cool down and drift back to sleep  is to, reverse your continental quilt.  Thus the cold outside then becomes the cool inside, it can be done several times throughout the night  and usually works every time. Diane Hakala

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