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Women's Security

Do not look like a victim! Walk tall.  If you are being harassed then let the him know that you are not going to give him an easy time. Use body language, aggressive eye contact and finger pointing. If the harassment turns in to an actual assault then use your voice SCREAM SCREAM and SCREAM AGAIN and if possible have a good personal attack alarm handy. Kick and hit as hard as you can and hit him where he is most vulnerable. If he attacks from behind hit backwards with your elbows. Use shock tactics such as asking him what his mother would think "if she could see you now"?

If you have been the victim of an rape contact the police as soon as possible, get to a hospital that has rape kits. Take full advantage of all the support available, get counselling. In the extremely fragile state you are in after such an attack the police may seem threatening or insensitive but they are on your side and will ensure that you get proper treatment and care.

A rape kit can not be argued with. DNA evidence ALWAYS works in such cases. Help catch the low-life before he has a chance to do it to someone else. A rapist is one of the lowest forms of human life and needs to be locked away. 

If you are being assaulted and there are people within earshot then instead of shouting 'RAPE' or 'HELP' you should shout 'FIRE. That way you will have much more chance of people coming to your assistance. It is a sad fact that in our cities people no longer help others if there is a risk to themselves.

Finally, if you see someone acting suspiciously then make sure that you are not in danger yourself and inform the police or security.  

Personal attack alarms are effective if used correctly. You must not allow the assailant to get it from you. Combined with an attack such as a kick in the groin or shins it can disorient him and allow you to get away. Some security whistles can produce 115dB of sound which works just as well as an electronic alarm and have the advantage of never needing batteries.

If you are being attacked, or if you see someone being attacked and you want help from other people, yell "FIRE!". Most people will come out to see what's going on. --- Mary G.

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